Sun Your Buns Product Tickets

Sun Your Buns Product Tickets

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Sun Your Buns Product tickets, Only 300 tickets in this one, Each ticket is $30.00. You will get way over your buy in amount, Cash winners of at least $35 to $50.00. There's lots of stuff you can get in the tickets, over your buy in amount. Like tumblers, Soo Good products, snacks, lots of stuff.  And if you don't like what you got you can trade it in for the $30.00 buy in to spend on live shopping. 

Best thing is the 30 sign ups in this.  If you get a sign up you get a chance to open a pod to see if you won shopping cash or prizes or nothing, Of the 30 sign ups, There are 15 winners of the pods, not every 30 pods are winners only 15 are, but everyone that has a sign up gets a chance to open a pod at the end when we sell out.  This time around you will not go on the board but will get a ticket into the bucket.  After we sell out we will draw a sign up ticket then pop a pod to see if you are a winner!  If you are not live for the drawing you can pick your prize the next time you are live.  If there is only one prize left that prize will automatically go to you.

Everyone will get 2 Pendants and a pearl when winning a sign up. Without Chains

If you win a product in the pods, it can be shipped in another order you have here if possible, or if the customer has no shipments here, the customer is responsible for shipping costs. If you win Shopping Cash (Customer is responsible for shipping Costs) we will send you a code. Make sure you have messaged our inbox before so we can send you the code.