Package For Melynda Ainsworth

Package For Melynda Ainsworth

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7-11 2x Env. $80 1-29 Sent 2x Foam Soaps, X 2-15 sent 1x Whip Soap, Rest is still here X sent rest 2-22

3x Tumblers $120  Sent 2x Tumblers 2-15   X 1x on 2-22

2x tumbler Game $80 X both on 2-22

 Basket Halloween bucket green $45 X Sent 2-22 ##Add $100 Whipped Soaps Random scents X 10x Whipped soap, smalls added 2-24

Bin $75 Shipped 2x Bread Candles and cup mug with coco bomb X Shipped 4x Lip Balm 10-15

 1-29 Took $100 off balance and deleted

$100 payment 0ff balance